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  My adventure with cats had started a few years ago and quickly became my hobby. I've seen a lot of wonderful breeds, nonetheless I chose Persian cats – they charmed me with original outlook and awesome character. I was dazzled by beauty and dignity of those cats for many years and I could experience it “on my own skin” at last. 

  My cats have character typical for that breed - they are calm, friendly and nice. For everyday maintenance and taking care of them they give me back their love and devotion. There is no better thing than calming sound of murmuring happy cat. 

  We like to spend our time at shows, meeting many awesome people and magnificent cats company. We love showing on ring and talking with other breeders. 

  Cats are inherent part of my life and I have hope it will be like that all the time. I also hope that you will like my website and will help to feel how much I love cats.

  In cattery we have only lines without gene: colourpoint, cpc PKD free, testing for FelV and FIV.

  Cats from our cattery have in their pedigree known and titled foreign and polish lines: Artemis, Polcann's, Rubyrose, Harwood, Pashaspride, Cotn Hill's, Catillak, Brannaway, Candirand's, In Style, Boberan's, Budmar's, Tehy, Fanci FX, Becton's, Maydan-Shah's, Yquem, Jovan.


Robert Sawulak


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under patronage of FIFE.


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under patronage of GCCF


Cats are under constant care of vet clinic in Wrexham.



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