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• our kittens can leave cattery at the age of minimum 12 weeks old – they are vaccinated, de-wormed and know how to keep clean.

• buy-sell agreement can be arranged on purchaser’s request – or if breeder decides it’s necessary. 

• kittens have pedigree and health books. 

• on purchaser’s request the breeder can do additional check-outs (the purchaser is paying for them) 

• reservation of kitten is valid then purchaser will pay 50% of kitten’s value (decided by breeder). If purchaser will resign, the pre-payment is not given back. 

• the breeder will provide any advices concerning taking care and feeding of cat from it’s cattery. In case of showing kitten, the breeder will provide help in preparing it to take part in cat shows. 


Our kittens’ owners are keeping in contact with me, which makes me very happy, so I want to say that I expect new owners of our kittens to also do so.

Robert Sawulak



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